Monday, November 23, 2009

Aliens Are Among Us! Review in Booklist

In this quirky read, aliens and the misfit characters find out they have a lot in common. Fourteen-year-olds Vince Haskell and Gene Brennick are best friends and co-workers who publish The Globe, a tabloid that reports on extraterrestrials disguised as humans in their community. They are labeled phonies, but Gene hopes The Globe will provide him fame and notoriety, while Vince worries that long hours at the news desk will hinder his grades. Despite Vince’s objections, Gene prints an article exposing the alien identity of a friendly guidance counselor. After Gene kisses Vince’s crush and Vince retaliates by publishing his own scathing article, the boys must put aside their differences to stop an intergalactic war. On the surface, the Men in Black-style aliens would seem a lure for reluctant readers, but this novel is really more about teenage alienation. As one alien says, “This is a tough planet. You’ve got to keep changing who you are. That’s the price of fitting in.” Hand this to those who feel like they’re from another planet.

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